Friday, May 11, 2007

Timeshare Company: FLEXI-CLUB

Physical Address
1 Crompton Street
South Africa

Postal Address
P.O.Box 1583
South Africa

Telephone+27 (031) 717 7300
Fax+27 (031) 709 3098



Normhal (HP) said...

Thankyou for your very prompt response to my last question!

To correct you on one issue, I purchased 500 FlexiClub points and converted from CRI on 21 January 2004. The 5250 points from the CRI conversion corresponded closely to what I paid MRO originally for the 30 points I had with them. MRO, CRI and FlexiClub all fall under the CLG banner, so you know my full purchase history.

My original question still stands; if FlexiClub trustees deem the value of a point to be R11-40 (this is the value used to calculate annual dues), the 570 points I have given you (which I doubled to 1140), cover my account. If on the other hand, the actual value of a point is less, my annual dues amount to less. The dues you ask for are based on R11-40 per point. To avoid any misrepresentation, the real value needs to be established.

I signed up with MRO who held the allocated number of points in an auditable trust, so that the point value was protected. When I was offered the conversion to FlexiClub, the manager I dealt again confirmed that FlexiClub also held the points in an auditable trust.

I now want an audited value of a point.

Normhal (HP) said...

We paid our 2007 Annual fees by giving FlexiClub points to more than double the value (FlexiClub's own declared value) of our outstanding balance.
In spite of this, and even though we have an Available User Charge balance of just under R8000, our account has been blocked.

Since 1997 I have purchased R55000 worth of points - a total of 5750 points. FlexiClub deems a point value to be R11.40 (the value they use to calculate annual dues), and yet sellers cannot get R1.75 per point on the open market. I have tried to give mine away, without success.

I need to know the REAL value of a point. FlexiClub's auditors (Moore Stephens) have not responded to my letter requesting same , nor follow-up emails, as I believe they are busy with a FlexiClub audit.

Flexi Clubs Response said...

Hello normhal

Upon joining Flexi-Club in 2005 you purchased 500 points and received the balance of the points being 5250 , for a CRI conversion to Flexi-Club.
The purchase price of Flexi-Club points is R 11.40 per point, the resale market value of the points is not determined by the Club, and should be negotiated upon resale.
Points cannot be forfeited in lieu of outstanding fees and you remain liable to the fees raised in August 2006, therefore the account is currently blocked for reservations. A full breakdown was e-mailed to you by our credit control department. Once the payment has been affected we will be happy to assist with your reservation requirements. Kind Regards Cecilia

Delene (HP) said...

It took me hours out of my time yesterday just to establish why and from who money was taken from my account.

you stated in your previous reply to me, I will be refunded by lastest today. Maureen also confirmed that to me telephonically.
it is 4:05Pm on a friday afternoon. I have not been refunded.

I am a mother of three, who need to face a w/end without money because of flexiclub.
Just like before, no prommises were kept from your accounts department.

I am not happy. and a sorry will not be enough. Ive heard many sorry's from flexiclub, but things just dont come right.

Flexi Clubs Response said...

Hello Delene

Maureen has tried to reach you telephonically, this morning, but there was no answer on both the cellphone and landline.

I have personally checked our bank statements and the money was refunded on Friday as promised. You would therefore have had access to the funds you required as promised by Maureen in our credit control department.



Delene (HP) said...

I bought Flexiclub points last year september.

up to now, my deposit does not reflect on my statement. its simply been Missing since then???? I keep being promissed it will be sorted out & still nothing. How long does it take?

nevermind that.

I've faxed through a request to stop the debit order for my monthly payment. But it still gets taken. Once I send it back. (I paid by bank transfer)

This month the debit order was taken AGAIN (the 20th), I did not send it back. and what do you know? another debit order gets taken on the 2nd?

I e-mailed Ishana to ask if it is vac - props, since the ref number was not familiar. I received no response.

15:50 I phoned Ishana again, telling me it only takes 2 days before it reflects. Surely you dont expect me to stay without money for 2 days?
My bank refuses to send it back - they need instruction from you

Ishana ensured me someone will phone back in 5 minutes.
Its 20 minutes later and once again I have simply been ignored. and Flexi club is sitting with my money I need.

This is simply unprofessional.

I really regret ever buying anything from you, it only has cost me money, that you can't find for 8 months

Flexi Clubs Response said...

Hello Delene

I have investigated the matter, Maureen in our credit control department has advised that she has been in contact with you telephonically. She has advised that your account will be rectified and the refund will be done today. Kind Regards Cecilia

Raad (HP) said...

I paid my annual account in Oct 2006. I received an account for R40 and phoned them in Jan 2007. When I tried to make a reservation in Feb 07 they said I cannot because I have not made full payment - they promised to correct it. In March I received onother account and phoned and sent an e-mail to Peter Snyman. He promised to correct the matter. Now I received an account with "collection fees" of R114 plus R89.50 - for what?
Everything was paid for in Oct 2006. I have spent R80 on phone calls!

Flexi Clubs Response said...

Hello Raad

After the correspondence with Mr Snyman on 26 March 2007 all accounts were corrected. Unfortunately the end of the month statement was posted before all amendments were done. All accounts are on a nil-balance and there are no oustanding amounts payable. Kind Regards Cecilia

Shadleys (HP) said...

Flexi Club’s response to my previous comment is confusing. They have not explained why Flexi club does not follow their own Terms and Conditions of the contract. The initial account was for R9460.00 and R9195.28 was paid. What is the balance?
Flexi club’s response to my first comment is also misleading.
Firstly, if the annual fees were reversed, what happened to the payment that I made to cover those fees. Secondly, according to their attorney, “…two legal firms of Attorneys have charged for the recovery of debt.” incurred due to an error made by their consultant. Thirdly, only one account was reinstated, not the other. I was informed that there is a additional fee before the Bond account will be reinstated and that “ …no reinstatemetn will be done till the fee is paid”

Flexi Clubs Response said...

Hello shadleys

Our Club is run in accordance with our Club Constitution and Scheme Rules, and we act in a manner we believe to be beneficial for the Club and all it's members.

I will e-mail you directly for the information on both memberships as it is impossible to piece together the circumstances with the little information provided, and it is difficult to communicate adequately in this manner.

I do intend to address your concerns, and will attempt to resolve the matter, whereafter you may once again respond via this website should you wish to do so. Kind Regards Cecilia

Shadleys (HP) said...

Why do consumers have to abide by the Terms and conditions of a signed agreement and Flexi Club does not.

I queried with Flexi club and the Timeshare Institute of South Africa and I received the following response: “…it remains Flexi-Clubs prerogative whether they wish to institute the relevant precedings in terms of the quoted clauses should they however, not wish to do so they may take whatever action they deem appropriate.”

This was after Flexi club summonsed an old lady of 67 who signed the agreement and the consultant, in his haste to sign her up, filled in her debit card number instead of her account number. She contacted the consultant numerous times, but to no avail. I presume that Flexi club is aware that the cost of legal action is high

Flexi Clubs Response said...

Hello shadleys

Since the contract was signed in 2005, we have corresponded with
Mr Schloss, who is representing our member Ms Adams, directly, as well as via TISA. We have subsequently assisted the member by reversing 2 year's annual fees, withdrawn legal action as well as re-instated the cancelled membership upon request. You have not stated how we can further assist our member, you may therefore call our Maximum Delivery consultants on 031-7177718, who will be happy to assist with any further queries you might have. Kind Regards Cecilia

Jeanes (HP) said...

I am unfortunately writing to complain about the holiday that my husband and I shared with my parents at La Montage, Ballito with Flexi Club. My parents are currently living in the UK and they flew out to S.A. for a mere 2 weeks! We booked into La Montage on Wednesday, 24 January 2007. On the 26th Janury, 100 high school pupils checked into the hotel for an AIDS conference with the Department of Education. The resort turned into a mass of noise and caos. On the Sunday morning a pupils body was recovered from the bottom of the pool, which my Dad almost stepped on, as it was not visible beneath the dirty water. My parents were totally traumatised as the body was put into a body bag and taken away. The airconditioner also stopped working for a whole day and night and we were experiencing +40 degree temperatures. The service we received was totally unacceptable and I have sent numerous faxes and e-mails as well as approaching management while on holiday and have had no response. Please help!!

Flexi Club Response said...

Hello jeanes

Please kindly refer to the e-mail sent to you today, by Caroline Howes,
all issues have been addressed, and adequate compensation has
been offered by La Montagne, a full week's free accommodation as well as the personal attention from the resort manager upon your request.
A full report and all responses have been attached to your e-mail.
Kind Regards
Cecilia Bauer

RVG (HP) said...

My online account status does not reflect a refurbishment charge. So when I settled my account in full, as shown on my online statement, there is now an outstanding amount which has been allocated to the invisible refurbishment.

This is all very convenient so as to keep my account in arrears now and keep charging a collection fee?

Can you not get your house in order insofar as online statements goes?

Many of us are not in SA - calling your switchboard is not an option.

flexi club response said...

Hello rvg

Please kindly provide the membership number as we do not have
a membership in the name of R van Gruene, and we will attend to
your query as soon as possible.

Kind Regards


Crous (HP) said...

The accounts dept was notified that debit order instructions did not correspond with contract.They stated that all annual fees must be settled before August and we can not pay over 12 months. I faxed a letter requesting a cancellation with immediate effect due to breaching of contract. We spoke to arrogant assistants that could not refer us to anyone to assist us and also refused to correspond with the attorney.There's no option to cancel, they can put our name on the list to try and sell the points but this can take up to 2 years. In the meanwhile fees must be paid. Confirmation was received that the company made changes in the payment structures (to August).They amended our debit order to 12 monthly installments starting 1 April and will be raised annually in August. Meaning from August I will pay more than double the payment and will be unable to make any bookings or enjoy the services that we will be paying for. This problem arised after the 5 day cancellation period therefore we were unable to cancel within this time.This relationship was damaged beyond repair. Due to the fact that contract was breached, I will not settle for anything less than a termination and a refund.

Abarnard (HP) said...

I posted a complaint last year November and got a very prompt feedback from a lady called Cecilia Bauer.
I was told to send a fax to flexiclub, explaining my situation, and will be contacted by flexiclub. I did send this fax on the 17th of January this year, and still no response from flexiclub. could someone please contact me regarding this issue as i am spending unessary money with flexiclub at this stage.

Jasmeg (HP) said...

I have been a member of Flexiclub for approximately thirteen years now. I am almost NEVER able to make a reservation at the resort of my choice at a time of my choice. I usually end up paying for my holiday so would like to know what the use is of owning Flexiclub points??? The answer - NONE WHATSOEVER. I have again tried to make a reservation - to no avail. For a year now I have been trying to get Flexiclub to sell my points, but their sales department never responds to requests. They are VERY quick to take your money and demand payment for a service one does not receive. I am of the opinion that I should not pay a cent more to these sharks and to *** with the legal repercussions. It is Flexiclub that is in breach of contract, (for several years now) not me. It would be cheaper for me to cancel my contract and lose all points, than have to continuing paying for something that cannot possibly benefit me. Each year I lose points anyway as the three year window has expired - only because Flexiclub cannot accommodate me - not because I don't go on holiday. In fact we go away often, at an extra expense - thanks to these fraudsters!!!!!!!!

flexi clubs response said...

Hello Jasmeg

Your reservation history reflects that a booking was made in Umdhloti for the January 2006 high season, at a popular Kwazulu Natal North Coast resort. The Club has measures in place whereby members will be unable to make reservations if accounts are not up to date. For some time this would have been the reason why you were unable to make reservations. Kindly contact our accounts department to make the necessary arrangements to pay outstanding annual fees, and we will be happy to assist you with your reservation requests. Kind Regards Cecilia

Gb2007 (HP) said...

Could you please tell me why your company is not a bit more transparent with the way the user charge works. It quotes on your website under benefits of belonging: "Any unused 'User Charge' credits carry forward from year to year, resulting in more holiday value for less. It doesent mention that user charge can only be carried forward for 36 months like it does for the points. I knew from the time i joined that points could only be carried over for 3 years but nobody told me that the same applies for the usercharge. I transferred money into my usercharge account when i retired so that i could save up for a nice holiday in a few years time only to loose R1700 of it last year because it hadent been used. Couldent someone have had the decency to let me know i would loose it if not used. I again lost about R300 at the beginning of this year not knowing that it was also in the 3 year window. When i booked for my holiday in December why diden`t the consultant tell me about this. I am a pensioner and can`t afford to just throw away this kind of money. It would have taken a someone just a few minutes to let me know i was going to loose so much money, but obviously nobody cared. Thanks

flexi club responds said...

Hello gb2007

As a once-off measure of goodwill we will credit the R 1755.07 forfeited in 2006. We wish to point out that as the accumulation rule applied to the points and user charge, form part of the original contract signed. An updated statement reflecting the remaining available points and user charge is sent to each member after every reservation is made. The onus is on each of our members to adiminister their personal portfolio to ensure that the do not forfeit either points or user charge. Kind Regards Cecilia

alex2 said...

After joining flexi club and agreeing to pay a debit order per month for my points somthing went wrong from THERE side with the debit order, A very uneducated lady phoned me telling me I needed to pay so I explained to her And finaly got her to understand that she must fax me a debit order form so I can fill in, I got NOTHING so being busy with my own business I forgot to phone back and ask again. Today I get a lovely lawyers letter telling me I have 5 days to pay or else!!! I dont have time to play with all of you so I will pay the full amount in 5 days BUT I will never use your points, I will make sure non of the people I have refered to you use your points and I will make sure my business network and everone I ever meet knows never to join your little scheme. With this attitude I see a very bright future for your business well done!

flexi club responds said...

Hello alex2

I have investigated the matter, and have ascertained that a debit order in respect of the annual fees was completed when the contract was completed. Unfortunately we cannot run a monthly debit order on a credit card account, and the annual fee debit order was not loaded. We apologise that you did not receive the adequate assistance from our accounts department, but would like to thank you for bringing this to our attention. It is through our members valued input that we are able to improve our services to you. I will personally attend to this matter, and ensure that your account problems are resolved. Kind Regards Cecilia

Crusader said...

If you check the excellent internet consumer watchdog site HELLOPETER (click on our useful links to be directed) you'll see that there are 41 postings for Flexi Club. Of these 41 postings 38 were NEGATIVE and only 3 POSITIVE! But to their defence they do answer each complaint and try to rectify it (unlike the likes of The Holiday Club).

Anonymous said...

why does it take you so long(over 2 years) to give me a week to re embers me for the weeks you lost of mine ? you are very quick at asking for your fees each year

Crusader said...

MMnnnnnhhhhh - why don't you contact TISA?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Anyone having problems with Flexi Club please contact The National Consumer Commission of South Africa.