Friday, May 11, 2007


Invariably you are offered a deal that is only valid for the day and should you choose to walk away then you will loose it. NO REPUTABLE BUSINESS CONDUCTS BUSINESS LIKE THIS! Normally, what they do is to offer a discount. The truth is, there is no discount! If you come back the next day and invest you will get it at the same price! Why? The salesperson inflates the normal price and then offers a discount bringing it back to the regular price! (this is against the TISA code of conduct but every company that I know of still does it!). Another way is to double the price then offer you the equal amount of timeshare or points back if you invest on the day free - all you have done is buy twice as much as you should have (there is NO discount - all timeshare companies work on one set price - don't be fooled).


1. Ask for everything in writing - contract, details of the developer & outlay of the scheme
2. Request at least two weeks to consider, re-consider, research
3. Look for 2nd hand prices of the same scheme (it will be minus the high marketing costs and commissions).


1. Sign on the day (disregard any promises of what you will lose if you do not sign)
2. Commit to anything
3. Hand over your credit card
If you follow my advice you will thank me for it later - I promise you!

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Anonymous said...

If only I knew this 5 years ago.