Friday, May 11, 2007


He or she is your average Joe trying to make a living, perceived to be selling a pig-in-the-poke to some poor unsuspecting member of the public. They are not evil just trying to make ends meet. Their brief is to 'sell you on the day' because it is an emotional product and buyers 'just don't come back'. They are set high budgets and are continually under pressure from their seniors and managers to 'close you' and get you to sign today! If they do not get you to invest then you can expect some type of retribution like getting the most difficult customer the next day or even possibly no customer. And hell, we all know that in the world of timeshare no customer means no commission. And if the poor sod doesnt earn commission how must he or she live? Theyve got no basic salary, no pension fund or medical aid so its do or die for the commission. And you know the old story, ........ it was me or him! So next time you're at a timeshare presentation, don't waste this poor soul's time with empty promises that you'll be back to invest! Rather tell them the truth - that maybe it doesnt suit you or your families needs, or even more honestly that you just attended to collect the prize. But if you are really swayed by their professional presentation and the fantastic product then tell them that you need the time to decide and compare prices then go home, investigate & contemplate and if it still makes calculated sense, GO FOR IT! Timeshare in a decent gold crown resort with stable maintance levies does make sense. But only when you've made the decision based on your timing and all the facts considered


Scarlett said...

My God its HIM! The picture is of the self-same consultant that sold (bullied me) my timeshare. He's BIG and FAT and SLIMY and HAS NO EARS!

Brandon Murray said...

yeah yeah yeah - I am NOT convinced.

Jackie A said...

Why Brandon? They don't always have visible teeth - thats why they catch us!