Friday, May 11, 2007


When you arrive (along with your spouse if you are married - so that you can make decision on the day of the presentation) you are asked to fill out a registration sheet. You are asked to do so in order to 'qualify you'. If your income bracket is below the stipulated figure then the marketer who managed to get you to attend is not paid or may be paid less. It also catogrises you into how much you can possibly afford and depending on your financial status you are then passed on to a consultant. The higher your income the stronger the consultant is assigned to you in selling and psychology. You are then given an emotional presentation. The whole presentation it to take you on a high - making you feel good about taking your family on regular well deserved holidays as oppossed to being a low-down child abuser who neglects their family by staying at home. Right through the presentation they will get you to agree with them (called a tie-down in timeshare speak) and then at the end when you want to re-consider or have time to think about it, throw it in your face. The best thing to do during a presentation is to remain unresponsive! The more you speak, the more you will allow that salesperson to see what angle to 'sell you' with. Be very careful, these people are extremely well-trained and have many years of selling psychology behind them not to mention the pressure that it is placed upon them if they do not make the sale.


Anonymous said...

I advise everyone to read these documents before you go to a show. I gaurantee you that it will save you a lott of money, dont be stupid like me

Johann VD Berg said...

I bought timeshare after reading this blog. It allowed me to make a sane and sound decision ... thank you for your input.

Crusader said...

Click on the link on the above LEFT HAND corner for a MP3 link to see what really happens at a HOLIDAY CLUB presentation. Its under the link - THE HOLIDAY CLUB AND ITS MARKETING COMPANY COME UNSTUCK ON WENDY KNOWLERS CONSUMERWATCH! Take a listen!!!