Friday, May 11, 2007


For too long the South African public has been bled dry by unscrupulous Timeshare operaters and marketing companies. The sole purpose of this blog is to identify pit-falls, scheme's and underhanded methods that these vampires use to ensnare you and bleed you of your hard earned money. As an ex-industry insider (with 15 years experience in the industry) I am able to give you good, unbiased and sound advice. This advice is often lacking when counselling is needed when faced with a timeshare dilemma. South African consumer are growing wise to their rights and its about time that the wolves are seperated from the sheep. It is not my intention to blacken the reputations of any company that may be mentioned or on the other hand to promote those who do operate above the law and in good faith. Rather, it is to give you, the consumer, the best possible unbiased advice that is normally unavailable and if it is, comes at a premium. I do request, however, that you be honest in your posting, giving as much detail as possible. If the advice is taken and you still get no relief from the offending party then our section on consumer watchdogs will be of much help. These operater's hate having their dark deed brought into the light. Please share this blog with as many friends as you can. Its success relies on your word-of-mouth advertising.


Crusader said...

can someone please buy my timeshare as i cant afford the additional costs email me on

Crusader said...

please contact me mother in law at her email address above